Youth Pioneer Society (YPS) concluded the 2022 Ajyal Program, which aims to develop the capabilities of the organization’s members, by involving them in a series of workshops and training courses related to leadership, management and personal skills.

The head of the Membership and Legal Affairs Committee, Wijdan Al-Banna, confirmed that the Ajyal program contributed to enhancing the training and educational skills of YPS members.

Al-Banna explained that the workshops presented within the Ajyal Program for the year 2022 amounted to five workshops in Mastering Ceremonies, Environmentally Sustainable Goals, Events Management, Accounting Principles for non-Accountants, and General Legal Knowledge, which attended by 50 young men and women who are members of YPS.

The Chairperson of the Membership and Legal Affairs Committee of YPS revealed that the 2023 Ajyal program plan will include many new topics, stressing that the program is based on foundations and criteria for the sustainability of youth energies in the organization, which reflects positively on the level and quality of YPS programs and the volunteers that implement them.