A word from the Chairman

Welcome to Youth Pioneer Society's (YPS) website

Since its establishment in 2012, YPS has been striving to implement awareness and educational programs that have enabled young people to exercise their leading role in society in various fields, and it has achieved many achievements on the ground.

In terms of programs, YPS was proactive in launching a package of pioneering and distinguished programs that set the way it to work amongst the youth community in Bahrain.

For example, but not limited to, the Young Parliamentarian program that deals with parliamentary culture, and the Chance program concerned with entrepreneurship, which won second place in the Sheikh Award Issa Bin Ali for the best national volunteer project in 2016.

As well as the Dinari program concerned with financial education, and the ambitious program concerned with guiding and training young people at the pre-university level, which won third place in the Sheikh Issa Bin Ali Award for the best voluntary national project in 2015.

YPS also had local and international participation through its members who distinguished themselves and left an imprint in those participations. YPS was also able to organize and implement many specialized events and forums, which had a great impact in stimulating youth energies to creativity in various fields.

YPS is not just a civil institution that includes a group of young people whose enthusiasm leads them towards achievement.

Here, I would like to extend my thanks to the dear brothers in the Board of Directors who gave me their confidence in choosing me as Chair of the Board for the term 2021-2023, asking the Almighty God to help us all to serve the youth of this dear country, since youth are the pillar of any nation, and the basis for its growth and development.

Thanks are extended to the pioneering founders of this association and to the fellow brothers who were members of the previous sessions of the Council, for their generosity and effort in order to build a Bahraini youth association whose basis is investment in the human element.
I also extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the wise leadership that believed in the importance of youth participation in society and building their capabilities so that Bahraini youth would be skilled, efficient and have a global competitive culture.

I also extend my thanks to every supporter, donor, and partner, whatever their support, and to all the volunteers who contributed to any work that led to the establishment of the association, and to building meaningful and constructive programmes, and I invite them to continue giving.

Eng. Amira Mahmoud – Chairwoman of the Board