About US

Youth Pioneer Society (YPS) is a non-profit organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain founded by a group of youth who met on Twitter with the aim of improving the quality of life for all Bahraini youth. It was established in August 2012 with the aim to increase knowledge and awareness of issues affecting youth, increase opportunities for youth and to promote trust and co-operation between youth of different backgrounds.

Registered in the Ministry of Social Development. To download a copy of the Official Gazette announcement:

Our Vision

Bahraini youth with global competitive skills.

Our Mission

To emphasize the potential capabilities and capacities of Bahraini youth, enriching their skills in a rapidly changing world through dissemination and application of knowledge.

Our Objectives

  • Highlight young talents and creative energies within youth, and work on the development of their competence, allowing them to achieve their ambitions.
  • Utilize the youth’s leisure time in developing their knowledge and skills to help them become young entrepreneurs.
  • Encourage cooperation, citizenship, ethics, and values amongst youth.
  • Take care of the social needs of youth.
  • Enable youth to exercise their leadership role in the community to achieve social justice.

Join the Family

You can contribute to the success of Youth Pioneer Society and support its programs through several mechanisms, which gives you experience to include on your resume with pride:

  • If you are good at graphic design, you can contribute to creating logos,  advertisements, etc, for YPS’ programs and events
  • If you are good at writing, you can contribute to enriching the press coverage of YPS’ programs and events, and establish relatioships with local and regional media outlets
  • If you want to gain experience in event management, leadership, and entrepreneurship, you can join our implementation teams
  • If you are fluent in Arabic and English, you can contribute to translating press releases issued by YPS and translating our website’s
  • If you do not possess any of the aforementioned skills, we’d stil be happy with your positive engagement YPS’ programs and events, to hear your advice and suggestions, and to promote YPS in your community