The Youth Pioneer Society is preparing to launch on October its first financial awareness program, titled “Dinari”. The program is supported by strategic partnerships with Tamkeen and the US Embassy’s Grant Program in Bahrain.

The “Dinari” program aims to enhance the financial awareness among the Bahraini youth, develop their financial skills and equip them with the financial knowledge to enable them in organizing and managing their future financial affairs. The program also aims to eliminate financial illiteracy among young Bahrainis by providing them with the right knowledge and tools, delivered by a variety of Bahraini business and banking experts.

The program director, Amira Mahmood, referred to the results of a questionnaire conducted earlier this year by the Youth Pioneer Society which measured the financial awareness among the Bahraini youth. She stated that the survey’s results reflected an urgent need to develop sensible financial awareness among the Bahraini youth community. Out of a randomly selected sample of 201 respondents – with an equal proportion of male to female ratio – 86% of the respondents supported the importance of financial literacy and awareness programs in Bahrain. The survey showed that less than 10% of the Bahraini youth is saving and investing, which is relatively low in comparison to the global average which exceeds (30-40%). Since saving and investment by youth populations are undoubtedly influential factors in stimulating economic development, the Youth Pioneer Society finds it vital to promote such awareness among the local Bahraini youth community in these financial aspects.

Ms. Mahmood said: ‘The results of the survey confirmed the need for financial education among the Bahraini youth. It is important to create awareness within their communities about the importance of financial planning and its value to their future. This has driven the society to continue its contribution to the empowerment of Bahraini youth and enhancement of their competitiveness, by designing a 21-hour training program that covers the basic fundamentals of financial management concepts for Bahraini youth.’

Ms. Mahmood mentioned that the registration for the program will commence in the next coming days and that all details will be announced on the Youth Pioneer Society’s website and all its social media channels.