On March 13, the Youth Pioneer Society concluded the fourth edition of the Personal Financial Awareness Program (Dinari), which it launched in strategic partnership with Tamkeen, Zain Bahrain, and Mabarat Abdul Rahim Al-Kooheji, with the aim of enhancing financial awareness among Bahraini youth of both genders and helping them manage their personal financial affairs effectively through providing them with knowledge, tools and skills.

On this occasion, Amira Mahmood, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Society, stated, “The “Dinari” program for personal financial awareness is one of the most important programs launched by the Youth Pioneer Society. We also sought through it to educate Bahraini youth on the principles of financial planning and budget preparation, instill a culture of saving and the importance of early investment. To date, more than 100 beneficiaries have trained, and we aspire to increase the number of beneficiaries in the upcoming editions.”

On her part, Amina Jassim, the general coordinator of the program, said, “We are happy with the good feedback that the program received in its fourth edition, whether from specialists in financial affairs or from Bahraini youth who follow the work of the Society and demand additional editions of it.”

Economic researcher and banking lecturer, Arif Khalifa, praised the interaction of the participants in the program and the valuable questions they raise, stressing that the Personal Financial Awareness Program (Dinari) is considered an icon of financial programs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, wishing the program to continue to present and disseminate correct financial concepts and behaviors that improve and develop money management in society.

In turn, the founder and CEO of Noor Coaching, Noorhan Al-Zan, explained that the Youth Pioneer Society succeeded in launching the Personal Financial Awareness Program (Dinari), praising the method of designing the program by building the information that the program participants need to develop their future experiences.

Khalid Al-Emadi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Bahraini Economists Society, stated that the educational outputs of the (Dinari) program are numerous, opening the door to benefit for the participants, and the interaction rate is very high, stressing that this is clear evidence of an increase in the desire to learn and know economic matters and banking tools in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The certified consultant and trainer in financial accounting, Ms. Hamida Frutan, praised the interaction of the participants and their sharing of their realistic experiences and the successful and unsuccessful situations they went through in their lives.

For his part, Mr. Mohamed Qambar expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Youth Pioneer Society for their interest in spreading financial awareness in society, praising the Society’s keenness to diversify the financial culture of the participants and educate them in terms of investing, managing and protecting their money, calling for continuing to present the program because of its great impact in educating the community.